Join The Sri Lanka College of Internal Medicine (SLCIM) and Enjoy many benefits and contribute to your profession.

Being a member or an associate member of our College has many benefits, so join us, and start enjoying these benefits and also enjoy the satisfaction of contributing to your profession!

These are the steps to becoming a member or an associate member;

  1. Select the category that applies to you
  2. Download the application form and complete it, the link to download the form is also given under the relevant category
  3. Get the photocopies of the supporting documents ready
  4. You now need to hand over your completed application form, relevant supporting documents and the relevant fee to our office. You can do this by either
  5. Handing over your application to our office with the relevant fee, or
  6. Posting it to us with a cheque for the relevant fee.

(The details of the fee and payee are given in the application form)

Once the council has made its decision, we will contact you.

How to get the Application Forms

Application forms are available with the office bearers and with the district representative


Submit the application online